Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Vardøger


            Roseus, a stunning boy born with a diamond spoon in his mouth, had his life laid out for him even before he could talk. Despite his rebellious nature, he accepts his fate and continues to live his privileged yet routine life, until his father brings home Kai, an orphaned enigmatic girl, who could not remember anything from her past except the scholastic knowledge she must have learned somewhere.

            Despite his father’s strong reluctance to a potential friendship and the girl’s oddities, Roseus finds himself drawn towards her dark aura. As he and Kai start to become each other’s worlds, Roseus’ father starts interfering and sends him away to college. College becomes his new life, where he finds independence and meets his first real love, Cammie.

            When Roseus comes back, he is surprised to find Kai different. She has retreated back to her dark shield and he is unable to penetrate it.  Frustrated, he tries to bring his Kai back and in the process, his feelings start to change, causing him to break up with Cammie. When he is finally ready to accept his feelings, the mysteries surrounding Kai start to reveal themselves, causing him to realize that he and Kai are mere actors to a script someone has written.

            And that Kai is not who she seems to be.

           Love’s choices always result to either joy or pain, and Roseus has to make a choiceset Kai’s soul free or recycle it?

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