Wednesday, June 17, 2015

God Wrote My Love Story In Kanji


Athemis Sanvictores, 28-years-old, technically a virgin (mentally, definitely not, and her hands aren’t innocent either), writer, and Anti-Mary Sue (with a noisy and foul-mouthed brain mouth) decides to push through with her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

       For a perfect story, she needs a perfect setting. She decides on Japan because of the Pull—a sudden longing of her soul to be in Japan that she feels since the beginning of the year.

       While exploring the wonders of Tokyo and searching for the perfect story, she meets a lot of interesting people, who show her different facets of love—Mathon, a British ALT, who is in love with Mai, her college friend who's also an ALT, and Ichiro and Hiroku—best friends slash models, who are in love with each other, giving Athemis her live yaoi couple.      

       Witnessing how different people struggle to fight for their own hearts wakes up her dormant heart. As she gets caught up with everyone’s love stories, her supposed story starts to become a real love story—her love story—which she doesn’t expect.

      She meets two guys who spin her loveless life around—Minakawa Yori and Takuma Ryuunosuke. Minakawa Yori is a happy-go-lucky guy, who kisses her the first time they meet and who later becomes her personified diary. Takuma Ryuunosuke is an actor with a complicated persona, who treats her like how his movie characters treat other characters—coldly or passionately, depending on the situation.

      As she starts to fall for Yori, he starts to avoid her. Then Takuma enters the scene, treating her like dirt yet showering her with affection that touches the coldest parts of her soul.

      Will Athemis leave Japan with a story or with a broken heart and a tattered soul?

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  1. Hello there. If there is the full whole story of yours, can i have a copy please. Thanks!!!!