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The Vardøger --- how do you pronounce it?

My best friend didn't like it. She said she doesn't even know how to pronounce it. Let me tell you this--- until now, I'm not even sure if the pronunciation I know is its true pronunciation and that's the truth. 

Of course, I researched. I can't NOT research. This is an audio The word was pronounced by a male from Norway. It sounded like wahr-do-ghed.

There's this website The Vardoger.Com (their website seems to be gone now so I'm posting the FB page) which said the pronunciation of the word was var-DAY-uh-grr.

The pronunciation I prefer is wahr-the-ger (which seemed to be a combination of the Norwegian and (probably) English pronunciation). It came from this forum:

(Please feel free to correct/help me if you know the most correct way-- most correct because I still think the pronunciation differs depending on the language)

So why stick to that title, you might ask. This is my answer: finding the perfect title for a story is like finding a soul mate. You will feel a certain special connection and you know you'll never let go.

I didn't let go. I couldn't. It's the perfect title. And you will understand once you have finished reading the novel.

Please don't hesitate to share with me your thoughts after you have finished the story.

By the way, to further understand the title , please read this. This is one case of the Vardøger phenomenon: Article by Wirralglobe UK

Sources (links above): 

Wirralglobe UK
Forvo . com
Cry-of-fear. com
FB Page of The Vardoger

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