Wednesday, January 27, 2016


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Read the excerpt:

Blood red hair spilled at the sides of his head, framing his delicate facial features, stunning green eyes the color of forest after a rain shower, straight nose that no plastic surgery could ever achieve, and pinkish-red small lips soft and glossy, begging for attention. Though tall and fit, he wasn’t as muscular as Gene. He’s rather slender-looking, almost graceful, which added to the already-long list of his androgynous features.    
                He looked very pretty and he wasn’t even at his best yet.
                Slowly, and in dreadful recognition, Roseus’ eyes widened with horror. He does look like a girl.
                Letting out a dramatic sigh caused by his sudden acceptance of a certain fact, Roseus tied his hair into a low ponytail and tucked his white button down inside his dark denim jeans. Alfonso did not appreciate him wearing jeans, preferring slacks instead, but as usual, Roseus didn’t concede. Everybody but his parents wore jeans nowadays. Jeans are for the masses don’t hold true anymore, something which his parents still believed. Roseus preferred jeans. Jeans were way more comfortable than slacks in everyday activities. The best he could do to appease his father was to at least look smart casual. Roseus always wore a button-down with jeans.
                Satisfied that he looked more presentable, Roseus immediately proceeded to the study, not wanting to be caught loitering in the hallway when his father could already be calling for him.
                Upon reaching the entrance, Roseus was about to knock when something caught his attention. From the corner of his eyes, he saw something white and blurry appear at the other end of the hallway, leading to the grand staircase. When he turned his head fully, it wasn’t there.
                The hairs at the back of his neck rose. Did he just see a ghost?
Forgetting he needed to be at the lobby of his father’s study by now, he turned away from the double doors and slowly walked towards the end of the hallway, his heart drumming inside his chest. There was an internal debate going on inside him. He couldn’t hear anything, but the goosebumps on his skin tell him that there was something there.
A gush of cold air blew as he neared the corner, making him want to just get the hell out of there and ignore what he thought he saw.
                But his male pride wouldn’t let him.
                His heart started to beat faster with every step he took towards his destination. Upon reaching the end, he took a deep breath, mentally counting from 1 to 10. And before he could change his mind, he abruptly leaned in to peek at the corridor.
                He screamed.

                She has the blackest eyes he has ever seen.

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